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a little white wedding chapel

So, as I was trying to come up with great locations in which to have a photo shoot with Lindsay, my good friend Jennifer brilliantly suggested the Little White Wedding Chapel. As soon as those words rolled off her tongue, I knew we just had to go there.  Now, if you’re thinking it’s a bit on the cheesy side, you’re spot on! But everything about it just screams Las Vegas – down to the red velvet and Elvis! And to think I wanted no part of it when my husband tried to get me to elope there! Sorry honey! Though our one-year anniversary is coming up soon – maybe we should renew our vows!

I don’t think we could have found a location any more perfect than this one — it was great fun! I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! Be sure to watch the slideshow at the end of this post, too.

We were hoping to take some photos by the LWWC limosine and as we walked across the parking lot, Jenn’s steps suddenly got a little quicker and we saw her heading over to some cars that were under covers.  Big cars. CLASSIC cars. This much we knew by looking at the covers. But imagine our delight (yes, there was squealing involved) when we pulled up one of the tarps to discover an old Caddy. But not just any old Caddy.  A PINK Cadillac. And, judging from the license plate, one apparently 4 LVIS! Are you kidding me?!?!

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There were hearts everywhere!

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The drive-through wedding window cracked me up!

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They normally don’t allow photos inside any of the chapels, but we were able to convince the owners to let us take just a couple…

IMG_8044 copy copy

And look who we found…wonder what Priscilla would think? IMG_8039 copy copy

Inside the Tunnel of Love (the drive-thru wedding chapel)… IMG_8087 copy

My favorite headshot – that just kind of summed up the day…

IMG_8000 copy copy

Behind the scenes: my dear friend Jennifer was a huge help with the styling:

IMG_7945 copy copy

And now, for the slideshow:

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