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Brier Creek Country Club wedding | Tyra + Dan

tyra & Dan

They always say you find love when you’re not looking for it. And Tyra and Dan are living proof. She wasn’t looking to meet, let alone date, anyone else in Raleigh. In fact, Tyra put her Raleigh house on the market and was planning to move back to her native Maryland…when she went to a friend’s birthday party and was introduced to Dan. He asked her out but – because of her impending move – she declined. Dan is nothing short of persistent, so he asked again. And again. Tyra finally gave in and well….that persistence paid off. Shortly, Tyra’s house went OFF the market and Dan moved into it. And now, well….here we are and I’m posting pictures from the sweetest, most gorgeous spring wedding you could have imagined. 

The only thing Tyra really wanted was for their day to be beautiful and romantic and fun. And that it would be shared with their closest family and friends. Well…their Brier Creek Country Club wedding was all of that. And more. The sun was shining. The birds were singing. And as she stepped out toward Dan, he was all smiles, his happiness bursting through. And so it was….just as Tyra had hoped. Beautiful. And romantic. With all of their closest friends and family members watching on with delight as they promised to spend forever together. And as “I Feel Good” rang out when they walked back down the aisle as husband and wife, the fun – of the wedding and their life together – had just begun. 

Tyra and Dan….What can I say? I just adore you two!  You’re so full of life and love and you make everyone around you happy. Thank you for making me feel like part of your family and for allowing me to document the beginning of your forever.  I am honored to have been part of your day. I wish you all the love and joy and happiness that life has to offer and hope that you always have fun and “feel good” together. Much love! OXOX ~ R

 Venue: BRIER CREEK COUNTRY CLUB  // Floral Designs:  FRESH AFFAIRS // Wedding Cake: CINDA’S CREATIVE CAKES //  DJ: ISLAND SOUND DJs //  Wedding Gown: DAVID’S BRIDAL  // Groom’s Attire: VIP FORMALWEAR  // Hair & Makeup: MAKEUP FOR YOUR DAY

Brier-Creek-0002Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0009Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-DanSapphire blue Kate Spades? Oh yes, please Brier-Creek-0004Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan

Brier-Creek-0012Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0013Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0015Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0016Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0017Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0005Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0020Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0019Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan_BW Brier-Creek-0021Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0023Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-DanTyra and Dan opted to do a first look, which calmed nerves and just made the day that much better for both of them. Brier-Creek-0024Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0025Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0026Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0045Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0046Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan

Brier-Creek-0049Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0050Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0051Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0052Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0053Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0054Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan


Brier-Creek-0030Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0031Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0032Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan

Brier-Creek-0034Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0036Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0038Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0037Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0043Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan

Brier-Creek-0042Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0044Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0040Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0039Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0041Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-DanYou can always count on Fresh Affairs’ florals to be swoon worthy! Brier-Creek-0056Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-DanTyra had to change into some more appropriate “dancing shoes” for the reception.  Brier-Creek-0022Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0060Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0061Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0062Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0063Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0064Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0065Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0066Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0069Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0072Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0071Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0074Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0076Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0077Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0078Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-DanI love this sweet picture of Tyra and Dan dancing with her parents in the background. 
Brier-Creek-0079Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan Brier-Creek-0082Country-Club-wedding_Tyra-Dan

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