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chapel hill engagement: megan + alan

It was the Summer of 2006 at the University of North Carolina. Both Megan and Alan were on campus for their respective early sports camps — volleyball for her; football for him. Megan was hanging out in her dorm basement with some friends when in walked some of UNC’s football players. Including Alan. He was immediately smitten with her, but she had a boyfriend back home in Indiana so there were no romantic sparks that night. A friendship was born, however, and they’ve been best friends ever since. A couple of years passed and Megan realized that she had feelings for him beyond friendship and knew that if she “didn’t snag him while I could, I would miss out on the chance of being with my best friend for forever.”

The start of their “forever” happened earlier this spring while the two were on spring break. They were visiting Alan’s parents in Texas and had all gone to the Kemah Boardwalk for lunch after picking Megan’s mom up from the airport. A local artist stopped by and asked if they wanted him to draw their caricatures – after a little coaxing, Megan finally agreed. When the artist turned around his masterpiece, it was a photo of Megan and Alan with a ring and the words “Will you marry me?” A flabbergasted Megan looked to see Alan on one knee and burst into tears. She only assumes she said yes (she doesn’t actually remember that part), but she says since there’s now a ring on her finger and an April 2011 wedding in the works, she must have at some point.

We recently had part one of their engagement session on the UNC campus (yes, this NC State girl is spending way too much time on “that” campus!). It’s so easy to see that these two are in love — the looks; the smiles; the touches; and the laughs. There’s just an indescribable comfort between the two of them. One that you can just feel when you’re around them. One that truly comes when you’re with your very best friend!

Here are a few of my favorite images from their engagement session:

What’s an engagement session at UNC without a picture at the iconic Old Well?!  An instant classic.

Megan says Alan always knows just how to make her laugh – and has an uncanny knack for making a bad day better… A favorite… Megan feels safe with Alan, saying she knows he’ll always take care of her. I love this image and how comfortable and peaceful she seems here. I love how he looks at her… You guys are so gorgeous…
Alan says he was blown away by Megan’s “awesomeness and beauty” when they first met and that she’s the “most beautiful girl in the world”. I think we all agree with you, Alan!  Megan totally working it for the camera!
Why hello, gorgeous light! So glad you could join us! Another favorite… I love how these two couldn’t stop laughing… The picture of happiness — can’t you just see them in this same spot, 50 years from now? There are some gorgeous buildings on campus — I just love these huge columns…

Woah!! You two are FIERCE! More beautiful sunlight to highlight a beautiful couple…

Of course, we had to stroll up to Franklin Street… where we found an awesome alley with fantastic lighting….beautiful AND romantic – and the perfect place for Alan to steal another kiss.

Thanks for being so much fun, you two. I can’t wait for “part two” – and for the wedding! OXOX ~ Renee

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