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columbia photo safari

I was in Columbia, SC earlier this summer to photograph a wedding and early the following morning, I decided to take a quick little “safari” around town, just to see what I could find. Here is  Columbia through my viewfinder.

I spent the night at the Inn at USC, a historic old home that was made into an inn a few years ago. It’s located in the heart of the University of South Carolina campus (way to go with the knockout of ‘Bama last night, btw!)

The three flags of South Carolina flying proudly at the lobby entrance

Rockers on the front porch of the Inn – the epitome of southern hospitality!
How gorgeous is this lobby? I love all the woodwork and paneling — and those old lead glass windows? LOVE!

I love all the details and fixtures in this place! So warm and inviting – and southern! One of the sitting parlors off the main lobby — this woodwork and those stained glass windows are just stunning!

The mantle and an old clock – wow! gorgeous! I’d love to have an old phone like this in my own home. I ♥ this!
This is the lobby area where guests check-in. Lots of garnet everywhere as a tribute to USC.
South Carolinians are proud of their palmetto trees – they are EVERYWHERE. I love this little brass one that sat on the front desk. There are lots of historic homes in the university area. Here’s the Horry-Guignard House that dates back to the 1700s.
Spectacular morning light falls on a bird bath at the Horry-Guignard House.
Another random old house in the heart of downtown. It could stand some paint, but it’s a beautiful old home.  There was a lot of ironwork on the buildings – i just loved this railing, especially with those climbing roses all over it.  Stone rosettes on an old church downtown… As I wandered around, I found this old cemetery with some of the most beautiful headstones I’ve seen. It was filled with crepe myrtles in full bloom mixed in with pine trees and palmetto trees.  I’m guessing this is some sort of pine tree — thought the cones on it were really cool. More of the gorgeous ironwork – this was in the cemetery surrounding some family burial plots. Another beautiful headstone with such a sweet sentiment for someone who has passed. I just love the palmetto in the background I love the architecture on that government building across from the Sumter Street sign. I would have loved to have had an engaged couple with me to photograph with all those columns.  I wandered into a downtown park and found this bed of hibiscus plants in full bloom. The state capitol. Is this building gorgeous or what? These columns and all that architecture is stunning! The ironwork on the capitol building features palmetto trees. LOVE this! I know I should know which General this is – and I’m sure I’m going to embarrass my mother when I admit I can’t remember — but I thought the statue was cool.  See — palmetto trees are everywhere. I love that all this ornate stone work has a palmetto tree mixed in. Really cool. A closeup view – LOVE it! Maybe my favorite image — beautiful old capitol building, gorgeous blooming crepe myrtles and a palmetto tree. This is South Carolina to me.

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