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erin-elizabeth + matt: engaged | raleigh, nc wedding/engagement photographer

We’ve all seen the ads on tv. We’ve all probably gotten the emails too. Sappy, over-the-moon happy (read way too dramatic) couples pondering how differently their lives might have been had they not found each other. Surely they would still be deep in the annals of ‘dating hell’ without the help of dating service eHarmony. Cue the upbeat ‘this-coud-be-you’ music and the sexy man-voiceover claiming ‘on average, 236 eHarmony members marry every day.’ We’ve all seen them. We’ve all heard the stories from people who ‘knew people’ who met and married on eHarmony. But, until now, I never really knew anyone. Until I met Erin-Elizabeth and Matt. They met on eHarmony. They fell in love. And now they’re getting married.

We got together a few weeks ago to take do an engagement session and they’re an eHarmony commercial brought to life. They’re cute and funny and fun – just perfect for each other. Erin-Elizabeth claims Matt can always make her laugh. And not just a polite laugh because he said something mildly amusing.  The ‘full out, cracking up, tears rolling down my face’ kind of laughter. And I believe her – I saw it first-hand when we were all together.

We started our session at Ben & Jerry’s because it’s a spot that’s sort of special to them. For one, it’s where they had their first date. Matt admits being a little concerned when she quickly ordered ‘Chocolate Therapy’ ice cream, thinking it was an odd name for ice cream and hoping it didn’t mean she needed actual therapy! Apparently Matt and ice cream were the only therapy she needed, since they’re now getting married. After a proposal over ice cream at…you guessed it…Ben & Jerry’s!

Raleigh is home to both Matt and Erin-Elizabeth so we made sure our session incorporated some of their favorite hotspots as well as some of their favorite activities and interests. In addition to their love of Ben & Jerry’s, they’re also self-proclaimed technology geeks. According to Matt, ‘we have a lot of it between the two of us: I have a lot of unique complicated computer equipment and she has a lot of gadgets.” Apparently they spend a lot of time with their various gadgets, so we made sure to incorporate a bit of that into their session.

Here’s a quick peek into their engagement session…I’m looking forward to the wedding in July. I know it’s going to be loads of fun in addition to being incredibly beautiful.

Over chocolate therapy ice cream at Ben & Jerrys: I love how in love they are….this top image is one of my favorites! Truly the look of love. And the second image makes me laugh. I love how they’re so comfortable with each other that they can be their real, goofy selves!
Love this one! These two are always laughing. The technology geeks hard at work….or is it play? Hello gorgeous sun! This is one of my favorites. You can tell how smitten they are by the little looks they steal…
More gorgeous sun…and Erin-Elizabeth is looking quite sassy… I love, love, LOVE this entire series. Might be my favorites of the session…

Congratulations Erin-Elizabeth and Matt. I can’t wait to see you in July and photograph your special day!

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