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A couple of months ago, my girlfriend Jennifer and I decided to take on Las Vegas for a girls’ weekend. It was an amazing trip — I’m not sure Vegas will be quite the same. As is always the case when we’re together, we laughed and we talked and we laughed some more! We found all the good restaurants in town…met Elvis at the Little White Wedding Chapel…and sadly, we lost at slots (what were WE thinking??) but redeemed ourselves (or rather our pocketbooks) at Blackjack. But mostly, we just continued to build on a friendship that we first began twenty years ago.

Jenn left NC years ago and has since lived in Boston, Germany, New York and now New Jersey, so I don’t get to see her very often. Certainly not as often as I would like. But, like I said in her birthday post last year, Jenn is one of those friends you don’t have to see or talk to every day but you always seem to pick right back up where you left off…whether it’s been days, months or even years. She’s the kind of friend every girl needs — one to make you laugh, to let you cry, and to always say “Are you kidding?! Of COURSE we have time to pull that off!” even if it is the most “lucy-fied” hair-brained idea a certain someone (ahem!) could have thought of for her wedding. Even when it’s in less than 24 hours. Especially when it’s in less than 24 hours.

So, back to Vegas. While we were in Vegas, Jenn and I ventured – on a whim – over to the Flamingo Hotel to do an impromptu photo shoot.  We got lots of looks, but since we acted like we were supposed to be there — as if we owned the place — nobody bothered us and we were left to our own devices to explore. Note to Flamingo managers — probably not the best idea, but thank you! We had an amazing amount of fun and got some awesome shots of your hotel!

Here are a few of my favorites:

The sunlight was amazing out by the flamingo fountain and I think Jenn looks like a movie star! HOOOOT TAMALE!

This on is so old Hollywood to me….like Zsa Zsa Gabor kind of Hollywood glamour. You should be in print ads, my friend! 

We felt like kids on Christmas morning when we found this bar and realized nobody was paying a bit of attention to anything we were doing in there (it was waaay before noon so the bar wasn’t open)! The bottles were on the other side of this glass wall which gave off this awesome pink light.
Another absolute favorite. Smooookin’ hot!  We loved all the colors of the Flamingo and since it’s practically an institution in Vegas, knew it would have that cool 70s vibe we were after. The 70s sunglasses were just the perfect touch.

Thanks Jenn for all the fun! Can’t wait until the next time….OXOX

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