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happy football day!……….wolfpack in the house!!!!

Today is the day I’ve been looking forward to for weeks. It’s the first day of the year that I do a “count down” for.  It’s my second favorite day of the year, next to Christmas. My “first Christmas,” if you will!  It’s officially the start of college football season. And more specifically, it’s the start of my beloved WOLFPACK’s football season. And I couldn’t be more excited! So, while I’m busy right now preparing my cute new start-of-Wolfpack-football-red dress, inventorying our tailgating supplies, and preparing a tailgate menu that would make Paula Deen proud — all of which i’ll share later — here are a few photos of the team I took a couple of weeks ago.


I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to get the call from my dear friend Gregg Martin to come help shoot the team photos this year. I heard the part about “would you be interested in taking some team photos?”……and the rest was kind of like Charlie Brown’s teacher talk.  “Would I be interested?” “OF COURSE I would be interested!” “Have you – a guy whom I’ve been friends with for several years – ever actually MET me??” My mind was racing a million miles a minute, waiting for him to stop talking so I could scream an emphatic “YES”!!!  I took down all the details, marked my calendar in RED [of course!], and waited. For August 13. NC STATE team photo day.

So, without any further ado….. here is our 2011 WOLFPACK!

A couple of the defensive groups that will be key to our success this year.. After all the group shots, it was time for the individual shots of each player. Here are a few of my favorites:

Quarterback Mike Glennon. He’s got big shoes to fill but he’s waited four years for his chance to shine. Today is the day. Do your thang, Mr. Glennon! Wide receiver and kick returner, TJ Graham

Halfback James Washington

Fullback Taylor Gentry

Tight End Asa Watson

Offensive lineman RJ Mattes

Defensive end Markus Kuhn

Linebacker Audie Cole Defensive tackle J.R. Sweezy

Linebacker Terrell Manning

Safety Earl Wollfe. With a name like that, he could ONLY be a Wolfpacker! Coach O’Brien takes it all in.  Not only is the 2011 edition of the WOLFPACK a tough and talented group, they’re a fun group as well. There was a lot of smack-talking and joking around as they waited to be called for photos.

Here’s my boy, George! As the top tight end in the conference, I’m hoping we’ll be hearing “over the middle to #84 for a TOUCHDOWN!” many, many times this year. He should be able to wreak a little havoc on opposing defenses this year. LOVE this kid’s play!
Markus Kuhn wins the “best hair” award for the team. Audie  Cole [see above] gave him a run for his money though!

These jokesters are a handful, but I do love me some Markus and George!!

James Washington went all “superstah” on me…

I can’t have an NC State football post without leading you all in one of our fight songs….as it’s meant to be sung! So….tune up your voices….pretend you hear the marching band…….. and sing a long with me…

We’re the red and white from State

and we know we are the best!

Hands behind our backs, we can take on all the rest.


Devils and Deacs stand in line

To the red and white from N.C. State!


Happy football day, everyone! Enjoy your games and hope your favorite team wins!

Many thanks to my dear friend Gregg Martin  and Mark Houde with Carolina Sports Inc. for having me help out!

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