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Happy Mother’s Day Moms

by Haleigh Leonard


Happy Mother’s Day to all the sweet, beautiful mamas out there that we’ve had the joy of working with over the years and to the ones in our future at RSP. You’re not just celebrated today, but every day. Where would we be without you?

When we were little, who else would have brushed the endless knots out of our hair day after day? Who else would have known something was wrong just by the tone of our voice or the look in our eyes? Who else would have kissed all of our “boo-boos” to make them better? Who else would have asked us about our day as soon as we got home from school? Who else would have gotten lipstick on our cheeks every time she kissed us goodbye?

As we got older, we still would have been lost without you, moms. Who else would have drove us to every dance practice? Stayed up late working on every science project? Sat front row for every performance? Pretended not to notice when we snuck into your makeup before running out the door? Who else would have worried endlessly until we got home on friday night? Who else would have grounded us “for our own good” when we got home thirty minutes past curfew?

As we grew up and moved out of the house, we needed you just as much. Who else would always have a hot meal prepared when we came home from college? Who else would understand that using the emergencies only credit card for a date night outfit was really an emergency? Who else would defend our purchases to dad? Who else would we have trusted when they told us that this boy is the one? Who else would have spent countless hours wedding planning with us, loving every second? Who else would have cried when we found the perfect dress? Who else would have helped us pin in our veil and fasten our jewelry? Who else has been dreaming with us about our wedding day since we were little girls? Who else would be there grinning from ear to ear on one of the most special days of our lives? Who else would eagerly await the next big moment in our lives, as we become mothers ourselves?

Moms you’re amazing. You juggle it all. You always know exactly what to say. We grow up hoping to be just like you. And if we are lucky we’ll be able to fill your shoes. We cherish you today and every day. We love you ❤ Happy Mother’s Day!


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