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NC State Engagement | Ashley + Marcus

Theirs is a story as old as time. Marcus was the quarterback of the college football team. Ashley was the captain of the dance squad. So their paths crossed often. In the student union. At social events. Certainly at games where she cheered him on. But it took one of her friends encouraging an “official meeting” and phone number exchange to get them together. That was in 2006.

They became fast friends, mainly because they had so much in common. They were leaders. School was important to them. They were focused on their futures. And like all best friends, they leaned on each other for encouragement and support when things became challenging. They make each other laugh. They keep each other motivated. They’re strong, driven individuals, and in all things, they really just make the other better.

They were a team back in 2006. And they’re a team now. And tomorrow, they will officially become TEAM STONE – as they say their vows and commit their lives to one another. Stay tuned for photos from their gorgeous wedding at The Sutherland which will soon follow.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos from their beautiful fall NC State engagement session. They’re some of my favorites!

NC State played such a large role in their lives, how could I photograph them anywhere else? And that ring shot is one of my all time favorites! NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus007 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus002 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus001LoveloveLOVE! NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus003 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus004 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus006 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus008 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus009 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus011 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus012 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus013 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus014 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus015 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus016 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus017 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus018 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus019Love this family photo… NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus023 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus021Of course, Marcus and Ashley had to toss the football at least a little. Albert and Maisey wanted in on some of that action as well! NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus020 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus024You can tell Marcus was up to no good…. NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus026 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus025 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus027
NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus030 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus031 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus032Then, we meandered down to the Free Expression Tunnel…
NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus033 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus034 NC-State-Engagement_Raleigh-engagement_Ashley-Marcus035

 Today feels almost like Christmas Eve. I can’t wait too see you both tomorrow and am honored to be part of your big day!


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