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Out-takes – Christmas card photos ¦ Raleigh, NC photographer

Since this is our first married Christmas together, the first “official” Christmas card is important. To me, anyway.  I was hoping for something different from everyone else’s photo cards. Something funny, perhaps, so you would remember it. I tossed around several ideas that I personally thought would have you all in stitches. However, since most of them involved someone (Jeff) dressed up in some sort of holiday getup reenacting some funny holiday movie scene, they were not met with the same amount of enthusiasm with which they were presented. HA!

So….Jeff and I decided to forgo funny, and instead send something that will give you the ‘warm fuzzies’ when you open it. Something depicting our happy little family – read that as something depicting our children. Children who happen to be furry and have a total of twelve legs. Now cue the music that signals impending disaster! Or, perhaps hilarity, depending on how you look at it.

As I tried to corral, pose and photograph three headstrong dogs, two of whom had no real interest in having their pictures made (especially not wearing the festive Christmas accessories I provided), I was met with my share of challenges.  I had to photograph through obstinate head turns and closed eyes at the exact moment the shutter clicked to disinterested snarled expressions to a poorly devised ” Maddie, you distract her and we’ll make the mad getaway” plan. A plan they attempted multiple times much to the bemusement of our neighbors. A special shout-out and thank you to the one neighbor who burst into a full fit of laughter as she was jogging by — we’re glad we could provide you with your afternoon entertainment.

You can believe, however, that I wasn’t about to let three feisty hounds get the best of me. No sirree! So plan B was hatched. You’ll have to watch your mailbox to see the results of plan B.

In the meantime, here are some outtakes from our afternoon of ‘fun’.

Here’s Jeff trying to get everyone on the same page at the same time (and Cody’s attempt at looking like a perfect little angel)…


Jake decides it’s time for a belly-rub instead of moving where we want him…


Jake and Cody with getaway attempt #4…


Jake was successful on one occasion…


Cody showing that “No, I will NOT show you my eyes…..”


“but I WILL show you my silly one-tooth snarly face”…


Sigh…..gotta luv ’em!

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