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raleigh engagement: susan & bobby

Sometimes you meet someone and you just know it was meant to be. That’s not how it was for Susan and Bobby, however. It wasn’t love at first sight for them. Sure, there was an instant attraction, but circumstances just didn’t allow them to move past being friendly. They first met at work where Bobby was, according to Susan, “another computer dork I worked with.” Fortunately for them, circumstances changed. And after their first date, they knew their chemistry was real. They were drawn together like magnets.

Susan and Bobby are very much in love. When they’re together, you not only see it, but you can feel it as well. It’s apparent in the way they look at each other. They way they hold each other. The way he makes her laugh. Whether its cooking, playing games, or just hanging out, as long as they are together, they are happy.

They were engaged earlier this spring in Las Vegas. Bobby had had the ring for a while and their trip to Vegas just seemed like the perfect time to pop the question. He made a lot of plans and engaged the assistance of a limo driver and a helicopter pilot. He told Susan to pack a cocktail dress and to wear it on Friday night because he had made special plans for them. A limo picked them up and drove them out to the heliopad where they boarded a helicopter for a tour of the Hoover Dam. (Yes, my friends, this DOES happen in real life and not just on The Bachelor!) High above the Hoover Dam, as the sun was setting, Bobby popped the question. And of course, Susan said yes!

So now, they’re planning a beach wedding next May. And I can’t wait. These two are so much fun – not only to photograph, but to just hang out with as well. I’m looking forward to photographing the start of their new life together and to seeing what life will have in store for them.

Here are a few images from their engagement session…

Love this one…..

A favorite…. work. it. OUT. you two are HOT TAMALES!!!… This may be my favorite of them all… Besides looking totally HAWT!, Susan looks safe and – well – just happy. These two are big kids at heart so they wanted to visit a playground not far from where we had been shooting earlier in the day. 
Playing around on the monkey bars…. Another favorite…. I couldn’t believe I spotted a red wall that blended so well with Susan’s dress….love this one… Hot! Hot! Hot! This image is for their save the date cards. I wanted to play on the Vegas theme since that’s where they were engaged. What else screams Vegas and what better way to share the date of their wedding than with cards??? We also ventured downtown for a bit and I was able to grab a few shots with the city in the background… There’s some incredible architecture downtown – and it makes great “props” and backgrounds for engagement images…
We found a secret graffiti wall in the back of one of the buildings…and it couldn’t have been painted any more appropriately had we done it ourselves…I <3 you? Are you KIDDING me? And I told you this pair loves to cut up and play around…
but I can always get them more serious when it comes to kissing….

Engaged: Spring 2010

To be married: May 2011

Location: Seaside, Myrtle Beach, SC

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