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Raleigh wedding flowers – Kyle Style! | Spotlight on Flowers by Kyle

It’s Wednesday – and you know what that means! It’s time for another installment of Wedding Wednesday! Today I’m featuring one of my favorite guys – not just in the industry – but one of my favorite guys. Period. You can’t meet Kyle and not fall in love with him. It’s just not possible. And if you haven’t met him…well….you need to! He’s sincere. He’s lovable. He’s generous. He’s funny. In short – he’s just the “bees knees”!  Oh – and he does AH-mazing work as well.

Whenever someone asks me for a recommendation for “Raleigh wedding flowers,” a small handful of names immediately come to mind. And his is one of them. So the next time you’re in need of flowers – whether it’s for your wedding, a birthday or just for your sweetie because you love her (or him!), call Kyle. Everyone needs a little “Kyle Style” in their life!

We recently got together for a quick photo shoot – and, in typical fashion, it was hard for Kyle to contain his excitement and passion for his craft – and for life! I got some great “serious” photos of him, but for those of you who know and love him, you’ll recognize these many Faces of Kyle!


Now – for the good stuff — here’s an inside look at  KYLE PARKER OVERBY with FLOWERS BY KYLE

Located In: Raleigh, NC
Phone: 919.590.KYLE (5953)

How long have you been a floral designer?  I’ve been “slinging flowers”, almost 10 years.

Where did you get your training and/or experience?  I started floral design as a child — creating centerpieces for my mother’s dining room table so that she would have a nice surprise waiting for her when she got home.  I would simply take a walk and collect blooms along the way.

Designing comes naturally for me but I have worked with some other very talented floral designers over the years, picking up tricks of the trade.  Its one thing to know how to arrange flowers, but it’s a whole different ball game knowing the mechanics and the engineering behind making the impossible possible after all.

What is the most rewarding part of what you do?  After months of planning and all the work is finished — seeing the look on a bride’s face when she first views the room and realizes her vision for her wedding day has become a reality.

What unique quality(ies) do you possess that sets you apart from other floral designers.  I think being able to think outside the box and really allowing the creative juices to flow is key! Never saying never and always finding that special way to make peoples jaw drop.

What inspires you?  I’m inspired when I sit down with a bride and we start going over all the details of her day. There’s always that one moment when the entire vision and overall look and feel of the wedding just comes together in my head.

How do you keep your ideas fresh?  I am constantly researching trends from all over the world online and in magazines. When I see something I like, it triggers this button inside and my mind goes wild. Then I have to put the proper amount of “Kyle Style” in it and truly make it unique.

Finish this sentence: “I wish more brides/couples would…” …know that quality is of the utmost importance!

What is the best piece of advice you can offer to brides for their wedding day?  To just relax, slow down, take in the moment and enjoy this day that you have been planning for so long. You have selected the best vendors, everything is in place, and this day is all about you and your love! Oh, and to just have fun!!

What is your favorite wedding memory?  My favorite wedding memory is handing one of my brides her bouquet and seeing tears of joy roll down her cheek.

Must-use flowers?  Orchids, peonies, garden roses, and hydrangeas.

Are there any other fun facts or funny stories you want to share? I just have to share this story.

I was at a destination wedding on the coast of NC. The sun was shining, the church and reception were all set perfectly, and the bride and her wedding party were by the water having their pictures taken. Suddenly, as I was getting ready for the wedding, a bridesmaid burst through my bathroom door screaming “CODE RED! I repeat CODE RED! The bride has busted out of her wedding dress.”

Thinking “this is a joke right?” – she screamed, “Oh no this is for real! CODE RED!” I stood there staring at her, wondering “well, what am I supposed to do?” And it hit me! I had dental floss!

Did I mention that this all happened less than an hour before she was supposed to walk down the isle?

We got the bride into her suite and, by the grace of God, an entire bottle of champagne and all the hands I could get to hold the dress in place, I sewed her in that dress with some wax coated dental floss.  She was in it so tightly that she not only walked down the isle in time, but she danced the night away with no issues. The groom told me the next morning that he had to cut her out of it that night.

So a tip to all in the industry always, and I do mean always, have some wax coated dental floss and a sewing kit in your bag!


Here’s a sneak peek at a recent shoot we did to show off Kyle’s amazing talent for creating swoon-worthy arrangements! Watch the blog for the full gallery in the next few days!


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