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River Run Country Club Wedding | Kara + Yates

Today is the happiest day of my life.” ~ Yates Creech

This was Yates’ Facebook status the morning of his wedding to Kara. And it kind of encapsulated the entire day. For Yates. For Kara. And for all of those who love them and who came to witness their vows to each other.

Ever since Yates met Kara, he has been deliriously happy. Giddy, even. In fact, from the time he proposed (see their proposal story here), Yates never stopped smiling. He just couldn’t wait for their wedding day. Not because of the wedding itself, but because at the end of the day, they would be married and starting their new life together. And this thought alone made him happy. Even though rain threatened their River Run Country Club wedding – and eventually fell off and on throughout the day – nothing could dampen their spirits. Nor dim their smiles. Friend after friend and loved one after loved one piled into the church Surrounded by friends and close family, Kara and Yates promised to love, honor and cherish each other; to always put the other first; and to never forget to smile!

If Yates seems familiar, you may remember him from his sister’s wedding post from a couple of years ago. Oh how I love this family!

Yates and Kara – oh how I love you two! The way you look at each other….the way you smile at just the mention of the other’s names….love for each other and your happiness makes me happy. I am thankful for your friendship and appreciate you making me part of your family. I am honored and humbled to have been part of your day. May all of your days be filled with love and happiness and may you always make each other smile! Much love! OXOX ~R

 Ceremony: DAVIDSON COLLEGE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  //  Reception: RIVER RUN COUNTRY CLUB // Floral Designs:  HUNTERSVILLE FLORIST and NANCY BUSTLE // Wedding Cake: RIVER RUN COUNTRY CLUB  //  DJ: CHAD POWELL/ECHO UNLIMITED  // Video:  KEN MCCARTER // Paper Suite: BRIDE and SOKAL MEDIA GROUP  // Wedding Gown: MORI LEE // Shoes:  KATE SPADE  //  Groom’s Attire: VERA WANG TUXEDOS // Bridesmaid Dresses: ALFRED SUNG River Run Country Club wedding-1 River Run Country Club wedding-2 River Run Country Club wedding-3 River Run Country Club wedding-4 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-27 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-35 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-42 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-45 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-49 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-56 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-74 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-197 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-176 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-91 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-92 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-103 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-97 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-123 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-116 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-120 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-150 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-211 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-246 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-257 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-262 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-268 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-272 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-291 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-301 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-310 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-312 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-356 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-361 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-390 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-391 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-399 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-403 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-416 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-409 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-414 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-418 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-423 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-430 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-431 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-452 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-456 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-465 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-467 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-482 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-490 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-509 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-513 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-514 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-517 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-518 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-527 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-536 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-605 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-615 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-707 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-789 Pickeral-Creech_Wedding-794

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