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The Sutherland wedding | Ashley and Marcus

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Perfection. That’s how I would describe everything about Ashley and Marcus’ wedding. It was simple. It was gorgeous. It was honest. It was raw. It was real. It was beautiful. Just like Ashley and Marcus. Just like the love they share. Yes, perfection. With a capital P!

Their gorgeous Sutherland wedding was eight years in the making, and every single moment of their wedding day was a true and perfect depiction of their love. Amidst tears of joy and hope and love, they committed themselves and promised to love each other forever. Wholly. Honestly. Unconditionally. Perfectly.

Ashley and Marcus – It’s not often that I find myself without words, but here I am. Or maybe I just have too many words to fit in this one post. So let me just sum it all up by saying “I love you!” And “thank you.” Thank you for being you. Thank you for being real. Thank you for sharing your love and allowing me to document it. Thank you for making me feel like part of your family. And mostly, thank you for the friendship that we now share. I’m a firm believer that God puts certain people in our lives at just the right times. Sometimes it’s for a reason. Sometimes it’s for a season. And sometimes it’s for a lifetime. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you. I love you both so much! OXOX ~ R

 Venue: THE SUTHERLAND // Floral Designs:  SIMPLY ELEGANT FLORAL DESIGNS  // Cupcakes: THE CUPCAKE SHOPPE // Caterer: UNFORGETTABLE FOOD AFFAIRS// Invitations and Paper Suite: MINTED.COM // DJ: Cortland Williams – JOE BUNN DJ COMPANY  //  Wedding Gown: Designed/Made by BRIDE’S MOTHER  // Wedding Veil:  TRADITIONS BY ANNA  //  Groom’s Attire: MEN’S WEAR HOUSE // Hair & Makeup: TANAS HAIR DESIGNS & DAY SPA  //  Photography Assistant: TANYA ODOM

The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0007 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0008
The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0004 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0005

The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0010 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0032


How else would you expect a former NC State quarterback to toss a garter???  The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0003 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0011

The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0034 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0016 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0047

Wow. Just. Wow. 
The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0020 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0026 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0027

The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0052 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0024 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0025

The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0001 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0023 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0021 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0030
The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0036 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0037 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0038 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0035 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0041 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0039A fun gift for all of the boys…

I just love that Pastor Matt gathered Ashley and Marcus and their respective parents for a prayer and then a moment of quiet togetherness. The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0031 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0033


The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0046Such a sweet expression. Marcus was so overcome with emotion before Ashley even walked out the door.  The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0049 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0050 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0051 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0053 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0054 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0055 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0057

The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0061 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0062 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0064

The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0066 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0067 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0068 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0069 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0070 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0079 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0071

The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0058 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0059 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0078 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0080 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0082


The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0073 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0074 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0075 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0076 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0077 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0084 The-Sutherland-Wedding_Ashley-Marcus0085


Many thanks to my dear friend, Tanya, for photographing this wedding with me! You totally rock! Love you!








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