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The new Renee Sprink Photography!

Good morning, my friends. My heart is so full right now. My step is a little quicker and my smile a little brighter this morning. We just celebrated the most amazing Christmas with family. I get to spend the next few days with my husband before we both go back to work in the new year. We’re looking forward to cheering on our beloved Wolfpack in our bowl game in a few days and to ringing in 2013 with friends.

And, I finally get to share a 15-month-long labor of love with you: my new Web site! To say I’m “over-the-moon-happy” would be an understatement. But I’m not only happy with it, I’m also incredibly proud of it.

I wanted a site that not only showed pretty pictures, but one that was a true reflection of Renee Sprink Photography.  One that would feel more authentic. More real. More me.

I spent several months working through branding exercises, looking at colors and fonts and researching design firms. And throwing my hands up in the air in complete frustration. I couldn’t seem to find the right fit. The designer who would get ME. And I knew that if the designer didn’t get me, he or she would never be able to communicate me or my business visually to my clients. Oh many, many tears were shed over this project. At one point, I deemed it a complete failure. And had all but given up. And then it happened.

One afternoon, I was perusing Pinterest (my husband calls it the “biggest rabbit hole known to women.” I call it “research”!) And after following one pin to another pin to another pin, I found her. I stumbled upon a website that made me sit up and take notice. I googled the designer of that site: Heather of Thea Creative. I was on her site for hours. And I was smitten! Not only did I love ALL of her work, but being on her site just felt right. I sent an email. She emailed back. We set up a phone conversation. And then spent THREE HOURS chatting. About my business. About my clients. About my personal life and relationships with Jeff and friends and family. About the importance of college football, pearls and monograms. About the fact that we’re both Zetas from our respective colleges. And about shoes! Of course we talked about shoes! And at the end of the call, she said to think it over and let her know in a few days if I felt she was the right fit and wanted to hire her. A few days?!?!?! There was no way I was waiting a few days! I knew that I had to have her create my site.  And so the work began! It’s been hard. It’s been humbling. But it’s also been very gratifying.

None of the awesomeness on the new site could have happened without you, Heather! Your talent is incomparable. I’m sending you a big North Carolina cyber hug and huge THANK YOU for your dedication over the last six months. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for the hours of work and all the care you put into crafting a site that reflects RSP.  In other words, YOU COMPLETELY ROCK!

Of course, I also have to thank Jeff for his supportiveness, patience and love throughout this process! I love you!

So finally…after hours upon hours upon hours of blood, sweat and tears….HERE. IT. IS. The new RSP….


And this, my friends, is just the beginning. There are a few things yet to come on the site over the next couple of weeks. And 2013 will usher in a new blog, a new look on Facebook, new packaging, and more.  So check back often for all of the great things ahead!

Thank you for visiting – I hope you enjoy it!




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