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Wedding Day Hair and Makeup | Spotlight on Makeup for Your Day

It’s Wedding Wednesday, y’all! And since we’re about to get pelted by Ol’ Man Winter, you may as well grab a cup of hot chocolate and read about one of the  industry’s best wedding day hair and makeup teams. And they happen to be right here in Raleigh (and Wilmington, too)! But ya’ll, let me tell you – they’re not just the best in the Triangle. They’re not even just the best in the state. They’re seriously among the best in the entire Southeast.

Meet Jen and Jen with Makeup for Your Day. They’ve worked with brides and other high profile clients all up and down the Eastern Seaboard and have been published in industry magazines and on wedding blogs nationwide. Seriously! I told you’re they’re good. And by “good” I really mean that the two Jens and their team are pretty amazing! And, while it’s important that their team consists of good stylists and artists, it’s equally important to note that it consists of good people too!

We often get together to chat about life, love, business — and everything in between – and I recently asked them their thoughts on all-things-weddings. Here’s what they had to say:


Jennifer House & Jennifer Buenviaje, owners of Makeup for Your Day in Raleigh, NC

Located in: Raleigh (Jen B) and Wilmington (Jen H)
Web site:
Phone: 877.588.7451

How long have you been in the Hair & Makeup industry? We    joined forces and started MYD in 2007.  Both of us have been in the   industry 14 and 18 years, respectively.

Where did you get your training and/or experience?  Both of us (Jens) worked for Nordstrom in the early years while completing business and fashion degrees, and we also worked for Bobbi Brown and Chanel as regional artists for many years as well.

How did you become interested in working in the industry – particularly with weddings? At the time, we both had “day jobs” –  in corporate banking and real estate – which kept us busy. But, we also had a passion for the creativity and artistry that hair and makeup afforded us.     We decided to work solely within the wedding industry because we were drawn to the luxe designs, high end fashion and general happiness that wedding days bring.

What is the most rewarding part of what you do? Making our brides feel flawless and stunning on their wedding day and knowing that they will have an outer glow to match their inner one because we made them feel beautiful 

What unique quality(ies) do you possess that sets you apart from other hair & makeup artist?  We have a team of over 20 hair stylists and makeup artists that can accommodate even the largest bridal parties in a shorter amount of time.  Every hair stylist excels in updos and the longevity of hairstyles for long wedding days.  Each one of our makeup artists are professionally trained with HD specific airbrush techniques.  We pride ourselves on a diverse and eclectic team that can exceed our client’s expectations.

 What current wedding/bridal trend do you most like? We love the clean, glowing skin with a bright lip look and low, loose, textured updos that really give some dimension to the hair in photos.

What inspires you? Nature, the every day…and the unusual, high-end fashion trends, and the individual styles of our diverse clientele. 

How do you keep your ideas fresh? We constantly attend trainings all over the country and in New York at least 1-2 times per year.  We collaborate with other hair stylists and makeup artists in different, larger markets in the US.  And simply…social media!  There are so many images out there now of color palettes, home décor, landscapes, etc that we can draw inspiration and fresh ideas from.  We always have our eyes open!

What is the best piece of advice you can offer to brides for their wedding day? Have your mother get her hair and makeup done, as well!  It’s a relaxing and pampering moment that she can share with you and will help to calm her nerves (which are probably running more rampant than yours).  You’ll thank us later!

If you could compile a WEDDING FAVES list, what would be your:

Favorite wedding song? Etta James “At Last”  It’s classic.

Song NOT to include on a reception play list? Oh there are so many!  Just stick with hiring a great DJ and make sure they know your crowd so they can steer clear of anything “questionable” that you wouldn’t want Grandma watching you dance to.

Must-use flower? Peonies, if in season and Garden Roses, if not.

Drink? Couple’s signature drink…whatever that may be!

Besides doing hair & makeup, what else do you do with your time? Most of our team keeps busy with hobbies, children or doing hair and makeup for photo shoots, maternity photos, corporate work, etc so they are super excited to work with our brides and focus solely on making their day the best ever!  We’re very family oriented, so we’re always excited to be a part of the very beginning of a new family union.

What are 3 things you can’t live without? Kenra Hairspray, Chanel Ultra Wear Lip Stains and Kett Airbrush!

Are there any other fun facts that we should know about you that would increase your “coolness quotient” even more?  We provide all day-of beauty scheduling for our clients with emphasis on the timeline.  Our team arrives 30 minutes early to every gig and we buffer time in throughout the schedule to ensure that no photographer or wedding planner is waiting on our team to get the parties done.  That makes us pretty cool (and popular)! 😉

Popular, indeed! It’s one of many reasons why I love them and always recommend them to my brides! Check them out online and then give them a call. You’ll be glad you did!

Here are a few photos of them in action with Kaitlyn, one of my recent brides. S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!




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