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Wedding Wednesday: spotlight on Ryan Pflumm/SpinNC | raleigh weddings

Each Wednesday, I’ll be posting a feature called Wedding Wednesday and will highlight all things weddings. I’ll be sharing a lot of information to make your wedding planning go smoothly. I’ll share everything from humorous wedding stories to how to choose your photographer to humorous wedding stories to just awesome and inspiring ideas from my latest addiction Pinterest. I’ll also be shining the spotlight on area wedding professionals again in 2012. These folks are the best of the best in the business and I want you to get to know them.

I’m excited to start my first Wedding Wednesday feature by introducing you to DJ extraordinaire, Ryan Pflumm. He’s a total sweetheart [and a cutie pie, too!], knows how to keep a party hopping and really takes care of his couples. So, without further ado, meet Ryan!

Ryan Pflumm with SPIN NC

Located in: Raleigh
Web site:
Phone: 919.924.0562

Q. How long have you been a wedding DJ? How did you become interested in working in the wedding industry? Where did you get your training and/or experience?

A. I have been DJing weddings for 10 years now. I started with private parties in college with Island Sound and thought weddings would be fun. I trained with some experienced DJs and after working my first wedding, I was hooked.

Q. What is the most rewarding part of what you do?
A. Couples often tell me that their wedding day wouldn’t have been the same without me. I feel that creating a vibe that makes the day relaxing but fun is the most important. The moment I get that feedback from a couple that I made their day better…it is a feeling you can’t describe.

Q. What unique quality(ies) do you possess that sets you apart from other DJs?
A. I feel like most DJs have a “show” that they perform. They have a list of songs that they play for formalities and force the couple to adhere to this. I take extra time to get to know the couple and make sure that all the music reflects who they are.

Q. Finish this sentence: “I wish more brides/couples would…”
A. consider their guests more. I understand that the wedding is all about the bride. But guests spend a lot of time and money between presents, hotel stay, and travel. I feel the best receptions are always where the bride makes sure that I am catering to the guests during the dance portion.

Q. What is the best piece of advice you can offer to brides/couples for their wedding day?
A. Like most things, proper preparation yeilds the best results. Plan well ahead and get proper professional vendors that can work as a team. Everyone working together will make sure you are free to relax and enjoy your time instead of having to be worried on your wedding day.

Q. What current wedding trend do you most like?
A. Accent lighting has become more prevalent. Nothing makes a room pop like accent lighting.

Q. What inspires you?
A. Truly genuine people. There are those in this business out to make a quick buck and then there are others who truly care about the bride, the groom, and people. Those people who care make me want to work harder every day.

Q. How do you keep your receptions/music fresh?
A. That’s easy – by customizing the reception to the couple. My couples tend to be pretty eclectic, so they make it easy for me to keep things new and exciting.

Q. What is your favorite wedding memory? your most embarrassing wedding story?
A. My favorite wedding memory is a wedding I did my second year into the business. This groom sat down his grandfather and gave him a present at the wedding. It was a book that the groom had professionally bound of all the stories his grandfather used to tell him as a kid. It was pretty emotional and easily the most amazing thing I have ever seen at a wedding.

The most embarrassing thing I ever had happen was purely an accident. I was helping a bridesmaid move a table, I bumped into the Bride’s father who was holding a glass of red wine. Of course, the red wine spilled all over his suit. Needless to say my face was as red as his shirt.

Q. If you could compile a WEDDING FAVES list, what would be your:

Q. Favorite wedding song?
A. My favorite song to play for a crowd is the Jump Smokers remix of “International Love”.

Q. Song NOT to include on a reception play list?
A. Please no more “Electric Slide”!!

Q. Menu item?
A. You can never go wrong with pecan crusted chicken

Q. Drink?
A. SPINtini (I’m trying to get this recipe from Ryan and will post as soon as I do!)

Q. Besides DJ’ing weddings, what else do you do with your time?
A. I do some work for some charities in the area. I do an event every year for Fight Gone Bad, which is a charity to help fight prostate cancer. I also do a lot of work with a local organization called Models for Charity, which, in turn, does work with several different triangle charities.

 Q. What are 3 things you can’t live without?
A. I hate to be alone so #1 is people; then after that, faith and love.

Q. Are there any other fun facts that we should know about you that would increase your “coolness quotient” even more?
A. I don’t know about my “coolness quotient,” but I do like to tell people that I spent a year as an exchange student in Germany and that I speak fluent German. I did actually DJ a reception once where I did the announcements in English and German so that was pretty fun. (Ryan and I share alma maters so he’s also a big Wolfpack fan! That alone makes him super cool to me!)

See Ryan’s awesomeness for yourself! Check him out at!



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